Music Line Up

Here’s this week’s music line up for you! Come on down and join us for: Wednesday, July 19 from 5:30-8:30pm: 70′s FM Thursday, July 20 from 6:30-10:00pm: Old Dog New Trick Friday, July 21 from 7:00-11:00pm: Le’Mixx Band Saturday, July 22 from 7:00-11:00pm: Mass Conn Fusion Sunday, July 23 from 3:00-7:00pm: Legion of Jerry

Music Line Up

We’ve got some summertime favorites lined up for you! Join us for 5 days of live music, starting tonight: Wednesday, July 12 from 5:30-8:30pm: Les and TC Thursday, July 13 from 6:30-10:00pm: John Spignesi Band Friday, July 14 from 7:00-11:00pm: Savage Brothers Saturday, July 15 from 7:00-11:00pm: Out the Boxx Sunday, July 16 from 3:00-7:00pm: Bodhisattve

Band Line-Up

Our stretch of live music continues with another 5 days in a row! Join us for: Wednesday, July 5 from 5:30-8:30pm: Eric Nass and Del Perez Thursday, July 6 from 6:30-10:00pm: The Rivergods Friday, July 7 from 7:00-11:00pm: Michael Cleary Band Saturday, July 8 from 7:00-11:00pm: Primetime Sunday, July 9 from 3:00-7:00pm: Sunday Gravy

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!

Join us for dinner specials and live music for holiday weekend through Tuesday, the 4th!

7 Days of Music this Week!!!

With the holiday landing on a Tuesday, that means an extra long holiday weekend and extra music performances here at the Back Porch! Join us for 7 days of music in a row, and then another 5 after that next week! Wednesday, June 28 from 5:30-8:30pm: Les Haley and TC Thursday, June 29 from 6:30-10:00pm: Legion of […]

Band Line Up

Another great week of live music for you! Join us for: Wednesday, June 21 from 5:30-8:30pm: 70′s FM Thursday, June 22 from 6:30-10:00pm: John Spignesi Band Friday, June 23 from 7:00-11:00pm: Signature Band Saturday, June 24 from 7:00-11:00pm: Avenue Groove Sunday, June 25 from 3:00-7:00pm: Le’Mixx Band

Band Line Up This Week

The weather has warmed up and we’ve got the best live entertainment for you to enjoy! Join us this week for: Wednesday, June 14 from 5:30-8:30pm: Les and TC Thursday, June 15 from 6:30-10:00pm: Old Dog New Trick Friday, June 16 from 7:00-11:00pm: Vinyl Revolution Saturday, June 17 from 7:00-11:00pm: Primetime Sunday, June 18 from 3:00-7:00pm: Bodhisattve

Band Line Up

The sun is shining and we’re jamming to our favorite musicians already! Join us this week, starting right now, for: Wednesday, June 7 from 5:30-8:30pm: Del Perez Thursday, June 8 from 6:30-10:00pm: Katie Perkins Band Friday, June 9 from 7:00-11:00pm: Out The Boxx Saturday, June 10 from 7:00-11:00pm: Mass-Conn-Fusion Sunday, June 11 from 3:00-7:00pm: Sunday Gravy

Music Line-Up

We’re wrapping up May today and ringing in June this week with another great list of live performances! Join us for: Wednesday, May 31 from 5:30-8:30pm: Les and TC Thursday, June 1 from 6:30-10:00pm: Soul Tsunami Friday, June 2 from 7:00-11:00pm: Michael Cleary Band Saturday, June 3 from 7:00-11:00pm: Heads over Heels Sunday, June 4 from 3:00-7:00pm: Rewind

Happy Memorial Day

As we celebrate the holiday weekend and Memorial Day today, let’s take a moment to remember those who sacrificed for our freedom.